"I want to express my absolute amazement at your patience and gentle nature with my son."

We have relocated! We are now servicing Farmington Hills, MI and surrounding areas. We are also still able to help in Grand Rapids.

We were on "Take Five and Company." Copy the link to see the segment on Summer Brain Drain!

We have another new tutor, Ms. Linda. She is located in Rockford, but can head pretty much anywhere in the Grand Rapids area.

NEW!!! Are you homeschooling and need a little help from an experienced teacher? We have teachers available during school hours! Depending on the situation, rates may be less for this type of help and we can accommodate more than one student at a time.

Tutoring YOUR Way, LLC is able to offer many services! We specialize in one-on-one sessions in various subject areas. Your interview as always is complimentary.

Details about the tutors are in the bottom left hand corner.